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Easy understanding, Clear Explanation, Teaching way is good.


First of all thanking you for giving this wonderful coaching for us. This is very useful for us to develop ourselves through the staff’s guidance.


As this is the first year of my UPSC preparation, the classes are very easy to learn and understand and also I feel more confidence in the preparation.


The classes are well-scheduled that the timings of the class are flexible and comfort. I personally feel comfort with every faculties but it will be nice. If other faculties those who are not introduced to us, in order to have a comfort on the subject. As this is my feedback, I didn’t see that much of negatives, mostly positive.


I am so proud to be studying in this institution because of well experienced Staff.

Here the teaching was very excellent and clear. I can understand the concepts very easily.

Power Point Presentation is very useful for better understanding.


Overall , the classes were informative and productive. The concepts or topics were clearly delivered. 

Geography: Explained well with PPT’s. The PPT’s are very useful while preparing.

Polity: The classes was engaging and each and every topic was well delivered. As a 1st time learner, I clearly understood the classes.

Economics: The classes are very understandable and explained well with examples.


I had a great experience, I’ve learnt many things through your sessions. The teaching methods are so unique and easy to understand. It was very clear and concised one. Faculties gave an individual concentration on every students. It makes me more comfortable to study. Thank You for your great support.


It was a nice journey travelled with the staff’s of Bureaucraft. I’ve learnt a lot from them. All staffs are well experienced, their teaching styles were unique. Personally, I liked the classes of Geography, Current affairs, History and Polity which was very useful for me to gain knowledge as well as, helped me to did well in examinations not only in UPSC, also in other exams too. Recently I felt it while writing the NAN MUDHALVAN exam, my basics in all subjects are good, reason behind that is Bureaucraft. All staffs were friendly, they motivated us apart from the academics also. We can contact them at any time, they are ready to help us.


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